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Air Conditioning Department

The air conditioning department of Ryan Air Conditioning Services Ltd designs, installs and maintains all types of climate control systems, both in the workplace and at home. More

Refrigeration Department

The refrigeration department design and install bespoke commercial refrigeration systems that will preserve food, drinks and perishable goods using first class units of stainless steel construction. More

Heating Department

Ryan Air Conditioning Services Ltd supply and install a variety of heating systems to suit your individual requirements. More

Ventilation Department...

Our ventilation department supply, install and maintain all types of ventilation systems from large scale business premises through to 'house hold' air purifying units. With the ever changing climate we have found that ventilation systems are very common in both offices and homes, so please do contact us to find out how you could benefit from a ventilation system.

Ryan Air Conditioning Services Ltd has 37 years of experience, which combined with our good 'workmanship' philosophy ensures we can meet all of your requirements both on time and within budget.

Our experience includes the manufacture/installation and maintenance of ventilation systems for Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Office environments, Swimming Pools and many more environments.

Furthermore we offer rubber or metal clad 'insulation', which once installed either in your premises or home will help you to save energy on all supply and fresh air ductwork.

We recently completed a large scale project at Guys Hospital, which involved the design and installation of a bespoke ventilation system.

What ventilation products and services do we offer...

  • Manufacture & Installation of Stainless Steel Kitchen Hoods (complete with extract ventilation and stainless steel baffle filters).
  • We supply and install charcoal carbon filters.
  • We carry out 'Supply and Extract Ventilation Ducting', which conforms with government regulations on air changes per hour.
  • Maintenance of your current ventilation systems

To contact us please ring 020 8850 5095 /07939 830328 (Emergency Number) or email us at